Property Search and Purchasing Services

Finding the right property to purchase as an investment can be a minefield. Once you have found it, you then have to deal with auctions or negotiate with agents to purchase it – which can also be a minefield. But, at Invest Wise, we take care of all of this work for you. Using our highly experienced research team, we find the best location and property to purchase for you and then act on your behalf to secure the property. In effect, we become your buyer’s agent. We make the process of investing in property easier so you can focus on getting on with your life and the things that are important to you.

We understand that the idea of investing property can be daunting and also time consuming. This is why we offer Property Search and Purchasing Services. Our services include:

1. Undertaking research to identify the best location in which to invest

2. Scanning the market to find the best property options based on our range of criteria – which we have developed in partnership with you to achieve the best wealth creation outcomes

3. Undertaking inspections to view properties

3. Attending auctions and submitting offers on listed properties

4. Negotiating purchase arrangements, undertaking pet, building and other inspections

5. Arranging conveyancing, organising finance and providing other services

6. Sourcing tenants and arranging management of the property

You are welcome to be part of all, some or none or our work in this area. We consult with you at all times and ensure that the process is undertaken as smoothly as possible to achieve the best result possible. We even undertake this work nationally to ensure that even when you are purchasing a property in another state, you have the professional support you need to ensure the purchase goes well. Our expert team of Invest Wiseindustry professionals are experienced at managing all aspects of search and purchasing.

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