About Us

We are an Australian owned, locally based, property investment and wealth creation business with an enviable reputation in the Australian market space. We were founded by Wai Oo, an experienced property investor and wealth creation specialist. We work with a broad range of people including families, couples, retirees and young aspiring property investors to help them to grow their wealth through investment in property. We also work with businesses and business owners seeking to grow their financial capacity to strengthen and or expand their business operations and improve their financial base.

We identified a need in the market for down to earth advice and support to assist people and businesses to grow their wealth through property in a confident and well supported way. We are committed to providing all of our clients with the most appropriate, tailored and comprehensive advice and support possible. How do we work? We get to know our clients so we fully understand their circumstances, goals and values. We then evaluate their needs, develop a plan and provide ongoing advice and assistance in relation to investment opportunities to help them grow wealth through property.

At Invest Wise we care about our clients and we work hard to deliver the best customer service. We:

1. We take time to listen to your needs and undertake research based on your specific circumstances

2.. Once we understand your needs, we then identify what type of potential investment solutions may match your needs

3.. We spend time to match the benefits of the available investment opportunities to your needs and from this we are able to create a personal action plan for you

4.. We then implement the plan and monitor outcomes on the investment decisions on an ongoing basis. With inevitable market changes, we review your arrangements regularly to ensure they match your evolving goals and we provide recommendations on any changes that may be necessary. We assist you to ensure your property investments are delivering maximum returns for you

At Invest Wise, we put your interests before anything else and our investment advice is always tailored to fit your specific needs. No matter what your current financial status may be, there is always an investment plan that will fit you and help you to grow your wealth.

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